This company worked with me from beginning to end. Nicole in the office was very responsive to my many emails , calls , and questions. Also very kind and patient when I had to change dates several times. I was impressed with the very knowledgeable and friendly crew that came out to do the work. They were careful to lay down plastic and care about cleaning up. Also kept me up on what they were doing and why. Thank you for their professionalism . My house was partial crawl space and partial slab, so they had to cut windows into our siding to bolt the part of the house house to the slab and then caulk the pieces back in. I was able to get our painter out to touch up within days and you can’t tell anything was ever altered. They also did some foundation crack repair and sidewalk porch crack repair. Very nice job and nice to have it done well. It was very much worth the investment in our biggest asset, our home. Didn’t think I could afford it at first, so only did the auto shut off valve on the gas line. But later ended up with a little savings and thought about how much more expensive it would be to be red tagged after an earthquake and replace a home, so went for it! Good peace of mind. Definitely not a quiet job if you stay in your house like we did, but my neighbors said they barely heard it from the outside. Thank you to Daryl for explaining how this all works and assessing my particular house, with his engineering knowledge able to explain earthquake movement and possible damage or not. I trusted what he said (and his company’s good reputation) but thought I would get a second opinion just to be sure. Had a hard time getting anyone local to come out or even answer my calls. Got the feeling that my job wasn’t big enough, so thank you also Darrell and the crew for being willing to drive down to Corvallis from Portland and get this done. We are so happy we did it!